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Best Outbound Dialer (OBD) Solutions in Noida

Transactional bulk SMS service enables you to reach your customers on time and increase your daily sales and revenue. Transactional SMS is extremely handy and useful in order processing, e-Commerce, shipping and delivery updates, banking transactions, account creation and much more. It can be Alert SMS and OTP SMS that helps in retaining your customers by keeping them informed in real-time.

We use advance filters for Transactional SMS to send DND and Non DND routes with Sender ID (any 6 alphabetic characters) approved by operator at DLT as per TRAI guidelines.

Business Planning
  • Automates Your Processes
  • Increases Sales
  • Cuts Costs
  • Improves Your Customer Service
  • Boosts Business Efficiency
  • Provides Prompt Service
  • Improves Customer Experience Through Calls
  • Lets You Reach Out To More Customers
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