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Long Code SMS Service for Two Way Communication

A Long Code is a 10 digit virtual number used to send or receive SMS and calls. This is a two-way messaging service that helps you to get a real-time response or auto-reply from your customers. This service is generally used for escalating your promotions by generating leads through Bulk SMS, subscription activation, mobile verification systems, etc.

Unlike Short Codes, Long Codes can also be used to make and receive calls. We offer P2P (Person-to-Person), A2P (Application-to-Person), Toll-free messages, A2P 10-digit Long Code SMS services

Our Long Code SMS is easy to set up, cost-effective, voice-enabled with easy campaign tracking using a control panel that is extremely user-friendly to get real-time reports, SMS Alerts, etc.

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Short Code

Create Marketing Campaigns with Customized Message using dedicated Short Codes

Unlike long code Short Code SMS are 6 digit numbers used for two way interaction with the customers to collect their responses like feedback, auto reply and build customer database using keywords or sub keywords.
With our Short Code service you can select an appropriate keyword and make your business more professional and efficient by raising the target audience responses. It gives you full control over the process using sub-keyword or keyword and getting live reports that easily be downloaded in excel format.

Short code messaging marketing can be done for sending messages by the business to the consumer like Bulk SMS to communicate sales promotions, take survey questions, and more and sending messages by the consumer to the businesses like in advertising text a keyword to a code number is used e.g.” text LUCKY to 12345″) to seek information, vote or opt-in to SMS marketing. Use Short Code messages for:

business activities like:

  • Bulk SMS messaging
  • Advertising Promotions (coupons sales text to win etc.)
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Two-factor authentication or Payment reminders
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Political messaging Mobile voting and polls
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