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Feature-rich Audio Conferencing Solution for Collaboration and Productivity

We provide a reliable, cost-effective Audio Conferencing Solution that allows multiple people to engage in a conference call in their meeting rooms virtually. It is an ideal collaboration tool for team meetings, customer presentations, training sessions, and other collaboration requirements of the businesses that enable faster decision-making and boosts productivity.

Connect & collaborate with your teams business associate from anywhere using Audio Bridge
We offer a complete OpEx-based, pay-as-you-use model that allows you to host a large group of callers at your conference without pre-booking while staying in complete control with moderator controls.
  • Seamless connectivity and collaboration with business associates across geographies virtually.
  • Improves productivity efficiency while eliminating unnecessary time and cost.
  • Allow multiple people on multiple phones to get connected in a single call by dialing a central conferencing line or number.
  • Extremely user-friendly reliable and cost-effective communication tool that can be managed easily.
  • Provides class service to the enterprises for a superior collaboration experience.
  • Available with one-click access to the meeting room on any device anywhere anytime.
  • Backed by 24/7 support
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