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Transactional bulk SMS service enables you to reach your customers on time and increase your daily sales and revenue. Transactional SMS is extremely handy and useful in order processing, e-Commerce, shipping and delivery updates, banking transactions, account creation and much more. It can be Alert SMS and OTP SMS that helps in retaining your customers by keeping them informed in real-time.

We use advance filters for Transactional SMS to send DND and Non DND routes with Sender ID (any 6 alphabetic characters) approved by operator at DLT as per TRAI guidelines.

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Update/ Alerts

For order, booking confirmation, notice, reminders,
regular updates etc. .

One-Time Passwords (OTPs)

To authenticate new account sign-ins, and verify users’ payment transactions to protect customers’ data from fraudulent activities

Easy to Integrate Transactional SMS API

We offer Transactional SMS service with SMS API that can be integrated with website, application and software. With multiple Gateway connectivity with major mobile operators, we offer HTTP API and SMPP Bulk SMS that allows you upload the excel sheet, notepad file to send Bulk message in few clicks.

Send Alert SMS and OTP SMS using Transactional Bulk SMS service

  • Automating alert text messages to notify essential information in real-time

    Fast reliable and efficient way to share transactional information with your customers

    Secure Alert messages can be shared on chosen mobile number or email.

    Enhance customer service using quick and customized response.

    Successful message delivered to both DND and Non-DND numbers.

    24/7 messaging and real-time delivery

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