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Engage with your customers with Bulk Email Marketing Services

Our Bulk Email Marketing Services offer easy, quick and personalized, transactional, and promotional emails to thousands of subscribers in a few clicks using a web portal or API. Our cost-effective and reliable Bulk Email Messaging Solutions lets you build your brand, increase your clientele, make interactions more productive and efficient. Using Bulk Email Messaging you send newsletters, promotions, advertisements, sell goods or elevate customer engagement.


Email Marketing

Transactional Email Service

You can use Transactional Email Services to send an automated response for any transaction activities like order confirmation, shipping, transaction alerts, account activation, payment and billing confirmation, updates, reminders, etc. Transactional email is extremely useful and important in two-way authentication for the security of customer’s data like password reset emails, OTP emails, and activation link emails.

Promotional Email Service

Promotional Bulk Email Marketing services offered by us enable you to send personalized email messages to communicate your brand and message effectively. Using this Promotional Email Marketing you can share useful promotional activities to promote business, services, products, offers, etc. with easy tracking.

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